High Clearance Torsion Sway Bar Hardware Kit

High Clearance Torsion Sway Bar Hardware Kit


This Hardware kit will allow 2003-Current Ram Owners to run STOCK wheels and tires with their Carli Sway Bars!

– (Qty. 4) 1/2″-13 x 2.5″ Flange Head 12pt Cap Screws, Zinc
– (Qty. 4) Carli Stainless Low-Profile Misalignment Spacers
– (Qty. 4) 1/2″ SAE Washers
– (Qty. 4) 1/2″ Top-Lock Nut
– (Qty. 2) Reducer Sleeves for Axle Mount



First thing, take pictures of your exiting end-link setup. These will install in exactly the same configuration as the old hardware.

The Hardware kit will add 1/4″ additional clearance to your Carli Sway bar equipped with the grade-8 bolt and 2 misalignment spacers. This configuration can be identified as follows:

The new Hardware configuration utilizes a 1-piece, stainless steel misalignment that installs to the inside of the sway bar link. This spacer will face the sway bar on the upper side and the axle-mount on the lower. On the opposite side, you’ll find ONLY the head of the provided 12-point bolt.

The main hardware that differentiates this kit from the original hardware is the 12-point and low-profile misalignments.

Place the provided misalignment spacer to the INSIDE of the link. The “sleeve” portion of the spacer will travel all the way across the internal diameter of the heim joint and will be visible on the opposite side.

Place the bolt into the sleeve from the opposite side until fully seated.

Spacer and bolt slid out slightly for clarity.


Fully Seated

Use the provided hardware (washers, reducer sleeves and nuts) to complete the assembly as it was uninstalled.  The reducer sleeves go into the axle mount and the nuts will be on the side of the axle-mount and sway bar arm as the nut.

Torque this assembly to 60lb/ft to complete the installation.

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Weight 2 lbs


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