Extended Control Arm Rebuild Kits

Extended Control Arm Rebuild Kits

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Carli Extended Control Arms:

    • CS-CA-MS14-94
    • CS-CA-MS16-94
    • CS-CA-MS-03
    • CS-DBCA-03
    • CS-CA-MS-10
    • CS-DBCA-10

The Carli Extended Control Arms are built with a spherical bearing – each joint consisting of a Ball Center at the heart, 2 Bushings, 2 Safety Washers, a Snap ring and a Grease-Fitting. In non-corrosive environments, it’s not uncommon to only require replacement of the Bushings and Snap Rings for the life of the arms.

The Safety Washers, Zerk Fittings and Ball Centers should be inspected and replaced at the customer/shop’s discretion.

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As noted, post-September 2016, these arms will build with 17-4 Stainless Ball Centers. The below press release will help you identify which ball centers are in your arms. The Carli 17-4 Ball centers have more of a sheen and larger mounting flanges; the old Currie Johnny Joint has a much smaller mounting flange and a dull finish with a slight taper on the end of the ear.

To swap these joints:

  1. Use a press to preload the ear of the assembly to unload the snap ring
  2. Remove Snap Ring
  3. Release the press and remove the assembly
  4. Clean the joint housing of all contaminants and use a pick to clean out the snap-ring groove.
  5. Clean and confirm operation of the installed Zerk Fitting. Replace if necessary.
  6. Coat the cleaned inside of the joint housing with Synthetic Chassis Grease (we use Redline CV2)
  7. Place a safety washer on the inside again the housing
  8. Coat the Ball center and ALL surfaces of the bushings in grease and assemble the new bushings to the ball center noting that they index to one another with overlapping indexes.
  9. Insert the greased, interlocked bushings & ball center into the joint housing.
  10. Place another safety washer on the outside of the assembly.
  11. Use a press to preload the assembly and seat the snap-ring into the groove ensuring it’s FULLY seated.
  12. Release the press to finish the installation of the joint.
  13. Use a hand grease gun to pump the joint until the gun firms. DO NOT use a pneumatic gun as it can deform the bushings.


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