CS-PRB-94 Rebuild Kits

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Carli Track Bar: CS-PRB-94

Bushing at the Frame, Heim Joint at the axle. You’ll be able to identify this bar as it’s the only Carli Track bar with a weld in bung on the axle end and a zerk (grease) fitting on the frame end.


Frame Side

The Frame end consists of (2) Bushing Halves, (2) Crush Sleeves and a Stainless Shim. The 2 Bushing halves will be used on all years; the 14mm Crush sleeve accommodates 2003-06 Rams with the 14mm bolt at the frame (18mm Socket fits the bolt head). The 16mm Crush Sleeve accommodates later years (2007-13) trucks with the 16mm bolt at the frame (21mm Socket fits bolt head). The Included Stainless Steel Shim is ONLY used on the 2010-13 Rams as they have slightly wider spacing.

This shim should be placed flush against the back side of the new bushing and installs INSIDE the bracket with the track bar.



  • 14mm Bolts (18mm Socket): Tighten to 180 lbs/ft.
  • 16mm Bolts (21mm Socket): Tighten to 225 lbs/ft.

NOTE: If you’re seeing premature failure of the bushing assembly, it’s all diagnostic of the installation. 99% of bushing failures are due to incorrect part utilization or improper initial torque given the bushing operates on preload. If it’s a 2003-2008 truck with a 14mm upper bolt, the 14MM likely didn’t hold the proper torque, or, it wasn’t torqued properly on initial installation. This is a well known problem and it’s the reason Dodge upgraded the bolt to a 16mm in 2007. To correct the issue, get a 5/8″ drill bit to drill the frame bracket, then order the following PN from your Ram Dealer:

  • Track Bar Bolt – 16mm 6508942AA
  • Track Bar Nut – 16mm 6509070AA

As we provide hardware in the rebuild kit to accommodate BOTH bolt sizes, the factory hardware and a drill bit will be the ONLY other items needed to convert to the larger bolt of the 2008+ trucks which have far less bushing issues. Assemble and torque to 225ft.lbs. and that should be the end of your bushing woes!

Axle Side

The Axle end consists of (1) FK Bearing 7/8 x 7/8″ RHT Chromoly – heat treated heim joint with a Jam-Nut, (2) 16mm Misalignment Spacers and a 16mm to 14mm reducer sleeve for those with earlier trucks running 14mm hardware. Originally, these bars came with a 7/8″ x 3/4″ heim – we’ve updated this on all models. Installation of these parts is very straight forward.

Before removing the old heim, measure the center to center of your bar to be replicated when you install the new joint. As loctite should’ve been used in the initial installation, heat the axle end to break the loctite and remove the axle end of the bar by un-threading it counter-clockwise. This will require the bar to be in a vice; if you do not have access to a vice – install the frame end of the bar into the trailer hitch with the 16mm sleeve installed and rested the bar on a jack-stand with a towel to protect the finish.

With the original joint removed, inspect and clean the internal bar threads as much as you’re able to. If you have access to one, run a 7/8″-14 Tap into the end of the bar to prep the threads. Coat the heim threads with red loctite and Install the jam nut all the way onto the heim shank. Thread the assembly into the bar until it matches your measurement, spin the jam nut to the end of the bar and torque to 200lb/ft ensuring the two ends of the bar are perfectly parallel. Install the misalignment spacers (and reducer sleeve if 14mm hardware) and reinstall the bar into the truck.


  • 14mm Bolts (18mm Socket): Tighten to 180 lbs/ft.
  • 16mm Bolts (21mm Socket): Tighten to 225 lbs/ft.


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