CS-DPRB-03 Rebuild Kits

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Carli Track Bar: CS-DPRB-03

Uniball at the Frame, Heim Joint at the axle. You’ll be able to identify this bar by the smooth strap wrapping the uniball cup. If there are divots cut in the strap, you have a CS-DATB-03.

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Frame Side

The Frame end consists of (1) Uniball, (2) Gold 16mm Misalignment Spacers and (1) 16MM/14MM Reducer Sleeve. The Reducer Sleeve accommodates 2003-06 Rams with the 14mm bolt at the frame (18mm Socket fits the bolt head). The 16mm Misalignment Spacers will be used WITHOUT the reducer for later years (2007-13) trucks with the 16mm bolt at the frame (21mm Socket fits bolt head).

To Replace this joint: Remove the snap ring and knock the existing bearing out with a large socket or with the misalignment spacer still installed. This bearing should be pressed in and tight fitting. If you’re replacing it due to wear in the joint, there should be obvious play in the bearing (race of the bearing still tight to the track bar but center ball loose in the joint – joint liner will likely be torn up or missing completely causing the joint to knock). If the bearing is loose-fitting in the uniball cup and falls out or requires very little effort to press out, you’ll want to peen the inside of the uniball cup to swell the metal (use a center punch to dimple the interior).

Coat the Uniball race with anti seize and press the uniball into the cup until it bottoms out, then install the new snap ring. Install the misalignment spacers (and reducer sleeve for trucks with 14mm hardware) and reinstall the track bar.

The OPTIONAL wobble stopper should be installed on the rear of the joint housing. Install it over the rear misalignment spacer, then install the spacer into the track bar.


  • 14mm Bolts (18mm Socket): Tighten to 180 lbs/ft.
  • 16mm Bolts (21mm Socket): Tighten to 225 lbs/ft.

Axle Side

The Axle end consists of (1) FK Bearing 7/8 x 7/8″ RHT Chromoly – heat treated heim joint with a Jam-Nut, (2) 16mm Gold Misalignment Spacers and a 16mm to 14mm reducer sleeve for those with earlier trucks running 14mm hardware. Originally, these bars came with a 7/8″ x 3/4″ heim – we’ve updated this on all models. Installation of these parts is very straight forward.

Before removing the old heim, measure the center to center of your bar to be replicated when you install the new joint. As loctite should’ve been used in the initial installation, heat the axle end to break the loctite and remove the axle end of the bar by un-threading it counter-clockwise. This will require the bar to be in a vice; if you do not have access to a vice – install the frame end of the bar into the trailer hitch with the 16mm sleeve installed and rested the bar on a jack-stand with a towel to protect the finish.

With the original joint removed, inspect and clean the internal bar threads as much as you’re able to. If you have access to one, run a 7/8″-14 Tap into the end of the bar to prep the threads. Coat the heim threads with red loctite and Install the jam nut all the way onto the heim shank. Thread the assembly into the bar until it matches your measurement, spin the jam nut to the end of the bar and torque to 200lb/ft ensuring the two ends of the bar are perfectly parallel. Install the misalignment spacers (and reducer sleeve if 14mm hardware) and reinstall the bar into the truck.


  • 14mm Bolts (18mm Socket): Tighten to 180 lbs/ft.
  • 16mm Bolts (21mm Socket): Tighten to 225 lbs/ft.


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