Super Duty Sway Bar End Link Rebuild Kit

Super Duty Sway Bar End Link Rebuild Kit

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The Carli Stainless Sway Bar End Links are built for a lifetime of abuse on your Super Duty. It’s highly unlikely your links will need to be rebuilt. Most cases we’ve seen, the shop that installed them failed to adjust them according to the procedure in the instructions OR they’ve bedded in the wear surface after their initial break in period and need to be readjusted. If the Sway Bar End links develop a “clunk” or visible movement, the first step is to adjust them. (See Description below)

If the end links require rebuilding and have been properly serviced – the bronze bushings and cap set screws should be replaced.

We highly recommend removing the end links from the truck and visually inspecting all parts prior to ordering replacements to ensure no debris entered the wear surfaces. Inspecting the links will ensure you’re minimizing downtime and ordering all necessary parts to restore your links to new condition.

These Parts are compatible with ALL Carli Ford Sway Bar Links, Leveling, 3.5″, 4.5″, 5.5″ and the links provided with all Carli Ford Torsion Sway Bars.

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Adjustment Procedure:
The sway bar end links are built with replaceable bronze wear surfaces. When NEW, the ball joint ends should be tight and relatively difficult to move but not immobile. Remove the set screws from the end link caps and remove the nuts and dust boots from the end of the end links. Test their mobility. If they’re immobile, loosen the cap (counter clockwise); If they flop easily, tighten the cap (clockwise). The goal is to tighten them enough so they’re difficult to move BY HAND and reinstall the set screw (with blue loctite). DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS TO TIGHTEN THE CAPS

After the first 500 miles (break-in), check the end links for movement. They should be moving around smoothly & freely (should no longer be super-tight) but have NO plunging (vertical clunking). If there’s any plunging present from break in, repeat the above process. Once confirmed or adjusted, grease them and check them every oil change.

The above can be done on the truck but it’s FAR better to remove the end links so you can feel for vertical movement without fighting the factory sway bar.


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